The first time the public at large learned of Tracy Scoggins, she was three years old and the Galveston Daily News did a feature article on the youngest citizen ever to apply for and receive a library card.

The following fifteen years saw numerous reports of Tracy's athletic accomplishments. Her parents home was filled with trophies from her victories, often for sports in which many told her she was too tall to excel (i.e. gymnastics, springboard diving). "There is no inspiration more powerful to me than the opposition of some joyless nay-sayer," she smiles, "so Hollywood provides the perfect setting for my prosperity."

The only child born to two attorneys after almost twenty years of marriage, Tracy is quick to credit her parents for all things good in her life. Her mother was one of the highest ranked tennis players in Texas and her father a Golden Glove boxer, distance swimmer and runner. "I am so fortunate to have parents who were the perfect blend of the Athenian and the Spartan." They passed along to their daughter a love of philosophy, music, art and sporting competition.

Graduating from high school at sixteen, Tracy entered Southwest Texas State University (alma mater of L.B.J.) majoring in physical education and speech communications. After college, Tracy caught the eye of John Casablancas, president of the Elite Modeling Agency, who promptly offered her a contract in New York where Tracy decided to pursue modeling to finance a fledgling acting career. Successfully modeling for just one year in New York, Tracy left the United States to model in Europe, where she quickly became one of the most in-demand models in Italy, Germany and France.

Tracy returned to the States to pursue a full-time acting career and studied at the Herbert Berghoff Studio and the Wynn Hanmann Studio. Her first role came in the television movie Twirl with Heather Locklear and soon after she was cast in her first series, The Renegades, opposite Patrick Swayze. She also starred as Charlton Heston's daughter, Monica Colby, in the popular series The Colbys and reprised her role later on Dynasty.

Coming off a successful year displaying her comedic talent as Catherine "Cat" Grant, the Daily Planet's laser-tongued society columnist on ABC's Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Tracy joined the cast of Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years as Amanda Carpenter, playing the character with an explosive mixture of passion and danger. Tracy's versatility as an actress continued to show in her work as she starred in Galaxy Beat, a wacky off-beat comedy with Gregory Harrison, played a Cardassian scientist in an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and starred as an immortal in a recurring role on Highlander: The Series. In one of the highest rated TV movies of 1996, Tracy held her own as attorney Anita Smithfield opposite Larry Hagman's J.R. in Dallas: J.R. Returns and reprised the role several years later in Dallas: War of the Ewings.

Tracy is also well-known for her lead role as Captain Elizabeth Lochley, a career military officer, in the award-winning international hit series Babylon 5, in which she starred alongside Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle and Mira Furlan.

Her feature film credits include Dangerous Toys with Bentley Mitchum, Dead Space with Billy Dee Williams, Toy Soldiers with Tim Robbins, Watchers (the film adaptation of Dean Koontz' best seller), the lead role of Evelyn opposite Maxwell Caulfield in Dangerous Company, and Timebomb co-starring Michael Biehn and Patsy Kensit.

On stage Tracy starred in The Sicilian Bachelor, which enjoyed a six month run at the Tiffany Theatre. She won critical acclaim for her dynamic performance and received the Daily News coveted "Marquis Award" for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.

In addition to her film, television and stage work, Tracy takes on other projects that she believes in. This was made evident when she teamed up with Black Entertainment Television's populat talk show Other Voices host, Bev Smith, to host the video Rape is Not An Option. The video makes a convincing case for rape prevention, providing several highly effective, common-sense self-defense techniques which require no special skills. Rape is Not An Option was "Highly Recommended" in both Library Journal and Video Rating Guide.

Known for her athletic prowess, Tracy was a natural to star in two workout videos. In Tough Stuff, which she also produced, she leads a plyometric workout with friends Marcus Allen, former world champion boxer Carlos Palomino and pro-beach volleyball player Randy Stoklos. The second video, Mind Your Body on ABC Home Video, combines a high energy workout with Tracy's motivational coaching.

Tracy's passion for languages, the arts and travel are a balancing counterpoint to her continuing commitment to physical fitness and to acting. Most recently Tracy has starred in the Babylon 5 TV movies River of Souls and A Call to Arms, the Canadian TV series The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, and reprised her role as Captain Lochley in the Babylon 5 spinoff series Crusade.